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ConSpiriti LIGHTs

Our Light range of Concentrated Mixers are sweetened with apple extracts (glucose and fructose) rather than processed sugar (sucrose).  This gives the Light mixers a more delicate sweetness, and reduces the calorie count by approximately 30%.  We've deliberately steered away from artificial sweeteners, which (to our mind) leave a slightly unpleasant taste and a 'claggy' feel at the back of the throat.

The blends are the same - we have Light versions of our Classic for Dry gins, our Citrus for sweeter and citrus gins, and our Aromatic, for aromatic, spicy (and dry) gins.

Perfect with gins, and vodka - and on their own, mixed with sparkling spring water, a refreshing and delightful grown-up, non-alcoholic drink.  

  • Making delicious tonic water syrups


  • tonic syrups to lift spirits


  • gin and tonic syrups


  • tonic water syrup

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