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concentrated mixers
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ConSpiriti Concentrated Mixers are an absolute game-changer. Handcrafted from the finest ingredients, following award-winning recipes, these delicious concentrated mixers are created purely and simply to complement and enhance your spirits.

Let the taste speak for itself.  Just try our Classic with some of the outstanding pairings and judge for yourself - and also find new combinations that really work for you.


And try our other mixers - all carefully blended (really by hand) to complement and not overwhelm the gin. They are, quite simply, a revelation.  The Citrus, gently imbued with subtle fragrances of gentian and other elements, is perfect with citrus gins, fruit gins, sloe gins and sweeter gins and Genevers.  Our Aromatic is a exhilerating blend of exotic herbs and spices - some contrasting and some complementing flavour elements - which is terrific with many gins.  The Briar is just bursting with berry-ness and perfect for pairing with bramble and raspberry gins, sweeter gins, and light summer gins.  It's also delicious in a glass of Prosecco or Champagne...


And that's the ambition of ConSpiriti Mixers - to elevate the G&T to new levels by discovering those magical combinations of spirit and mixer.  You can tell when you've found one.  You just know.


Andrew and the ConSpiriti Team

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